The complexities involved once trying to build an explanation or an understanding of an idea, like breastfeeding, that has no physical form can be in some ways challenging and in other ways stimulating. Communicating the conceptual abstraction of breastfeeding requires a deeper understanding of the process.  Many of the aspects or symbolic representations responsible forContinue reading

Mid Term

Breast feeding, allows for the continuation of the mother child recognition process (imprinting) that begins during the gestational stages. After childbirth, mother and child develop a form of visual communication sometimes called visual imprinting. Our own biological chemistry forces the continuation of the imprinting process that begins on a molecular level (chemical imprinting). Through myContinue reading “Mid Term”

“BABIES” -1st episode on Netflix talks about families from different backgrounds bonding with their babies. I really enjoyed this show because it made me realize that all babies really need is love , breastfed or not.

BREAST MILK is known for having distinct anti-immunity, anti-allergy properties and studies have shown that breast milk positively effects brain development.  Noticing new mothers on social media sharing tips on how to breast feed, how to increase milk production,   posting ideas or recipes on how to incorporate breast milk in their baby’s cereals/first foods… leadsContinue reading