Mac Barnett:Why a Good Book is a Magic Door

Mac Barnett writes books for children. He talks about truth and lies, fiction and reality and the space in between called “art”. Children can appreciate magical themes, even if they don’t make sense, while making connections to their own reality. They are most receptive when listening to new ideas , as long as the story is interesting and they can relate to it in some kind of way. Mac Barnett writes stories about stories to break down the walls of reality into a new world that creates a bridge between fiction and real life.

The Sound and the Story By Phillip Pullman

Paradise Lost, by 17th century English Poet John Milton, “has been many things to many people-a Christian epic, a comment on the English Civil war, the epitome of Poetic ambiguity-but it is first of all a pleasure to read”, according to Phillip Pullman. As he “explores the world of Paradise Lost” he explains how sound alone builds meaning or an understanding  of the life of the poem. The sound of the poem has the power to maintain the readers attention overshadowing  the formalities of the structure and the composition of the poem. The connections are first made by the nature of what the poem  is about  , a story about devils, fallen angels and their leader, a world that readers become attracted to including the poet himself. Once you  become engaged with the nature of a creative project and you emerge yourself the aesthetics become more relevant.