I was curious about this acrylic/plastic material, its properties and how it comes together. I like the idea of a material being man made and I think that there’s a cycle that we follow when creating bonds between people or just things in general and I felt like because of the history of the material, it would represent the initial mother-child relationship through breastfeeding. I enjoyed the consistency of the material. It was milky and sticky in the beginning. I think that we always try to go back to the beginning of how things are made and in trying to recreate that same beginning somewhere along the way changes are made. This is an example of how in trying to recreate nature we end up hurting ourselves. There is something unnatural about the way this material comes together. Feelings and relationships evolve, and this material leaves no room for change. It is extremely strong and hard to break. I think it’s important to recognize that even though the mother-child bond can feel strong its ok to feel broken when things are not perfect and to allow for things to happen naturally. I might be moving on to paper at this point. I think that to recreate the mother child relationship its best to use materials that have the ability to break but you can also put them back together to show how the relationship changes over time

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