The complexities involved once trying to build an explanation or an understanding of an idea, like breastfeeding, that has no physical form can be in some ways challenging and in other ways stimulating. Communicating the conceptual abstraction of breastfeeding requires a deeper understanding of the process.  Many of the aspects or symbolic representations responsible for the construction of a non-tangible reality create connections and   images in my mind of my personal views on this subject. In this drawing, I wanted to create an image that would evoke the softer and vulnerable side of breastfeeding. This woman is almost fully exposed with an infant latching on to her engorged breast.  In trying to conceptualize the idea of breastfeeding I began to focus on the initial mother-child relationship, but breastfeeding goes much further than mother and child as a dyad. As a concept, it can be applied in various contexts and not every woman experience breastfeeding in the same way. Breastfeeding comes as a consequence of a woman’s personal and interpersonal life, and society.

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