Mid Term

Breast feeding, allows for the continuation of the mother child recognition process (imprinting) that begins during the gestational stages. After childbirth, mother and child develop a form of visual communication sometimes called visual imprinting. Our own biological chemistry forces the continuation of the imprinting process that begins on a molecular level (chemical imprinting). Through my research about the effects of breast feeding , I hope to recreate or capture the relationship between mother and child from the gestational stages to breast feeding. I’ve also researched different materials and their chemical compositions and how they come together to create sculptures. I find that conceptually, the chemical reactions inside the body and the bonding process between mother and child is very similar to the chemical bonding processes of different materials such as, polymerized monomers(acrylic powders) when they become activated. I’ve been working on ways to use these materials safely, to be able to make larger sculptures. The materials that I’ve used so far for my sculptures are oven bake clay and liquid clay.

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